Mario Naric, our CEO & Founder shares his vision for the future

Mario Naric, CEO and founder of Motif Labs, shared his vision for the future during a recent side interview at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. As the head of Canada’s largest private cannabis firm, Naric expressed a dual purpose for their presence at the event: enhancing Motif Labs’ visibility and understanding the evolving U.S. market.…

The Cannabis Investing Podcast on Seeking Alpha

Tune in to the latest episode of The Cannabis Investing Podcast on Seeking Alpha, featuring Motif Labs and CEO Mario Naric! They discuss the Canadian Cannabis shakeout, Motif’s success in extraction and consumer products, and explore insights on metrics, international markets, and U.S. partnerships. Listen here:

Motif has been nominated for the 2024 Grow Up Awards

Exciting news! Motif has been nominated for the 2024 Grow Up Awards in three stellar categories: 🌟 Accessory of the Year: BOXHOT Glowsticks 🌟 Brand of the Year: Rizzlers 🌟 Product of the Year: Rizzlers Congrats to our fellow nominees! Show your support over at

On the Current State of the Canadian Cannabis Market

Blunt Business welcomes the CEO of Motif Labs Founder Mario Naric. They discuss the current state of the Canadian cannabis market, with Mario sharing insights on Motif Labs’ success in the vapes and infused pre-rolls market. They highlight the significance of the upcoming review of the 2018 Cannabis Act, while later discussing the ongoing review of the…

Puff To Profit

Motif was at the 2024 Benzinga Capital Conference! Our panel event, “Puff To Profit: How A Sneaky Product Snuck Up The Demand Rankings,” was a hit. Dive into the discussion now on YouTube

Featured on Benzinga Podcast!

From B2B to Brand House: The Evolution of Motif Labs. Mario Naric, Founder and CEO of Motif Labs, discusses his journey in the cannabis industry and the vision behind Motif Labs. He explains how Motif evolved from a B2B business to a brand house, with a focus on creating products for the younger generation of…

Blueprint For The New Era Of Cannabis Branding

Under Mario Naric’s guidance, Motif Labs leads and transforms the Canadian cannabis vape market, setting a benchmark for others to follow. His participation in the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is eagerly anticipated, as attendees look forward to understanding the dynamics of leading in a challenging yet rewarding market space. Read More at

Unlocking the New Green Frontier

Creating a standout brand for the next generation of consumers is one of the most exciting challenges for ambitious players.  Read more in the recent article by Mario Naric in Rolling Stone Culture Council