The Art Of Extracts

Founded by Experts

At Motif, we believe there is a better way to extract. For us, it isn’t just about becoming a large scale, industrial processor of cannabis. It’s about producing the best formulations and highest quality product on the market.

To achieve this vision, our team has travelled abroad to learn from leaders in the extraction space, assessed the top equipment and hardware vendors, and consulted with industry experts to perfect extraction methodologies. The result is a proven extraction process that works flawlessly and efficiently.

At Motif, we believe in the art of extraction.
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Partners, Together.

We see ourselves as a partner with our LPs and Brands. We work closely with you to ensure your cannabis 2.0 product launch goes smoothly. We’ve designed a process that guarantees high efficiency, potency, and consistency, and we are committed to collaborating with your team to ensure your product goals are met. No matter what your production needs are, Motif Labs will be there with you every step of the way.

A Unique Process

Our process has been honed over half a decade, through our strategic partnership with leading experts in the field, along with an incredible internal team of scientists and engineers. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with licensed producers, hemp cultivators and established brands to provide customized high-quality products with pure ingredients. Our technology allows our clients to discover the full potential of their crop

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