Our Mission

Motif Labs is a full service cannabis and hemp extraction company, offering toll processing and white labelling services to licensed producers.

Founded by a team of engineers and scientists, Motif provides industry leading extraction efficiency, exceptional refining techniques and in-house formulations that produce pure, flavourful products. We also offer customized hardware and packaging solutions to satisfy the emerging retail market.

Who We Serve

Licensed Producers

Plant to product, we offer a full spectrum of services to existing producers, from oil extraction and refining to vape hardware design and packaging.

Leading Brands

We help established brands, ranging from beverages to beauty products, create quality infused products for the retail market.

Three Pillars


We produce only the highest quality cannabinoid concentrates and isolates, to create specialized products for the emerging recreational market.


If the market demands it, we can make it happen. We partner with licensed producers, non-licensed brands and other businesses to provide products for the recreational consumer.


We are committed to constantly improving extraction efficiency and producing the best formulations on the market. Our proprietary hardware concepts ensure end-to-end support for our customers, and an unmatched experience for the consumer.

Our Process

Why Choose Motif

Passion for the Product

We love the product we create and we want your customer to love it too. That’s why we deliver only the best quality products with the desired effect and experience. Our formulations are true to the plant, resulting in premium flavours that today’s market expects.

Technically Sound Team

We know what we’re doing. We are engineers and scientists, trained on extractions, product formulations, hardware design and manufacturing. We know how to take an idea and run with it. Whether it’s a licensed producer’s plant or a brand’s idea, we will work to make it happen.

Full Process Optimization

We are committed to making every step of the process more efficient and effective. We optimize everything from the very first extraction, right through to the packaging equipment that’s required to get a product to market. Our attention to detail never waivers and the result is always quality.

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