The new facility will enable Motif to grow its core manufacturing capabilities, including pre-rolls and a 4X increase in hydrocarbon extraction

Motif Labs, the leading brand house shaping Canada’s cannabis 2.0 market with an iconic portfolio—including BOXHOT, DEBUNK, and Rizzlers—is expanding its operations with the opening of a new manufacturing, distribution, and packaging facility in London, Ontario. The 75,000-square-foot site will support expansion within the burgeoning pre-roll market and further enable Motif Labs to address the increasing demand for its high-quality products.

Equipped with three truck-level docks and situated near major highways and transit routes, the facility is primed for convenience and efficient logistics operations. It also allows for a 3x increase in current capacity, ensuring that Motif’s brands stay in stock consistently and the company can respond to rapid shifts in demand by holding robust inventory levels.

Mario Naric, CEO of Motif Labs, commented, “We have outgrown our existing facility. This space empowers us to grow our core manufacturing capabilities and deliver on the increasing demand for products from our top-selling brands, BOXHOT, DEBUNK, and Rizzlers. With increased manufacturing output, Motif will expand the total addressable market we serve.”

By moving packaging and fulfillment operations to the new facility, Motif’s flagship Aylmer site will be able to double down on core manufacturing practices and expand further into hydrocarbon extraction (4X increase in current capacity), as well as pre-roll manufacturing. The new facility will have the capacity to ship 2 to 3 million units monthly, including vapes, pre-rolls, oils, and other potential product formats.

The initial $1.5 million (CAD) investment sets the stage for further expansion. The facility is purposefully selected and built to accommodate Motif’s growing needs, with ample space for future expansion, scalability, and installation of flexible automation.